Luke Price

After 10 years in corporate finance with CBA and Deutsche Bank, Luke became a founding partner of ERBH, responsible for cross-border funding for corporations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the UK and US.

Luke’s broad category financial expertise now provides Eqwe’s partners with the financial platform to address their financial constraints in the delivery of larger environmental and IT solutions to governments, corporates, and the service sectors.

Mike Sheeran

To be an effective partner, Mike believes in the simple theory of ‘frank discussion’ to get our partners where they want to be in the most lucrative way.

From holding senior positions in Sales and Sales Management, to most recently spending nine years in the role of CEO at Danka Australia, many say Mike has experience written all over his face.

By willingly sharing his vast knowledge, that combines business with technology, he is the foundation for establishing and maintaining the very strong relationships that signature the Eqwe partner base.

Katrina Constable

Katrina’s 15 years’ experience in the finance sector covers administration and the settlements of asset finance. At Eqwe, her role is concentrated to provide support and solutions in the structuring of transactions through to the settlement and management of a contract term.

Katrina has embraced this management role where, working closely with the Eqwe team, the brand vision is realised to enables all partners to reach their financial goals

Bec Boyden

Bec brings with ten years of experience in IT sales. Her previous roles include direct sales for a global software vendor before she managed the commercial management team for ANZ and then for APACJ.

She has also worked indirectly with IT sales, having worked within distribution as their SAP Business Manager. She has a passion for people, teamwork, and for helping, organisations grow to meet their full potential. Her knowledge in IT and vendors commercials are an asset to both Eqwe and our partners.

Jamie Carracher

Launching his financial career in a London-based private equity firm, Jamie then managed an ASX-listed group’s finance and leasing division. Today, Jamie’s experience delivers 10 years of specialist asset finance experience to Eqwe.

Predominantly covering aircraft financing, his experience also encompasses shipping, IT and the environmental industry sectors. Having worked throughout Europe before landing in Australia, Jamie’s truly global perspective is now being applied to our partners, successfully impacting outcomes both here in Australia and globally.

Carmen Chan

Former financial analyst in a global IT company, Carmen handled outsourcing contracts, predominately dealing with invoicing, forecasting, actuals and financial reporting.

Currently at Eqwe in accounts, dealing with contracts rental payment, enquiries and closures.

In her role as Office Coordinator, Carmen’s focus is on providing operational support for the Eqwe team as well as support to both internal and external stakeholders.