Eqwe works with select IT partners and vendors to deliver IT, communication, RF, telematics, and software solutions to the Australian and New Zealand marketplace. Eqwe funding solutions enable these organisations to cater to and supply to a broad base of clientele.

These include:

  • Multi-million-dollar data storage as a service facility to the Federal Government
  • Complete software upgrades to major corporates, locking in licensing payments for the term of contracts
  • Funding the installation of telematics technology to bus fleets, to reduce fuel usage and improve safety
  • Improving the communications and network capability of real estate organisations

Simply, our technology solutions help our partners streamline operations for their clients.

How we do it.

The major commercial driver from the market at this time is acquiring technology or upgrading existing systems with minimal effect on productivity but especially cash flow. Other key drivers are maintaining ownership of all or part of the structure while also having the flexibility to add and or upgrade systems within an existing managed services program.

Eqwe’s funding programs enable technology partners and managed service providers to fulfil their clients’ commercial requirements within a contract framework that satisfies the long term technology needs or programs they are working towards.

Simply put both partners and their clients can enter into an agreement that will supply all their requirements and allow them to pay in a fixed or flexible payment program over the term of the existing supply or services agreements.

This model is conducive to long term mutually beneficial relationships.