Today, more than ever, we need to embrace technologies that not only improve life but improve the world we live in. Whilst in the past most commercial markets looked to support technologies on economics alone, there is a growing realisation that we need to support organisations supplying viable products and technology that improve the environmental balance. Eqwe is working with these like-minded organisations and people to establish models to take these technologies to market, making them attractive and viable to Governments, Educational facilities, and environmentally aware corporates.

These technologies have included cogeneration equipment to reduce the requirement for fossil fuels and anaerobic digesters that convert organic matter to grey water, reducing the requirement for landfill to water treatment and management systems. The implementation of these technologies is making a tangible difference.

How we do it.

We at Eqwe evaluate each individual environmental product and technology either existing or in development.

As part of the process, this evaluation includes environmental technology experts, environmental funding groups and all relevant stakeholders.

Upon commitment from all parties, Eqwe works exclusively with suppliers on dedicated funding programs which enables them to take their technology to market in an opex configuration or as part of a total managed services model.

The major benefit of these models is that it allows all stakeholders the opportunity of either commencing environmentally important programs or expanding and updating existing projects with minimal cash flow impact.