Who is Eqwe

We are a team of strategic commercial facilitators.

Our unique approach results in the design, development, and implementation of funding programs for our Vendor and Managed Service partners.

We partner with organisations that invest in technologies and people to provide various funding options and operational capabilities to enable growth and sustainability.

We are committed to partnering with like-minded organisations who are committed to the development and implementation of technologies to ensure global sustainability & growth.


Today, more than ever, we need to embrace technologies that not only improve life but improve the world we live in. Whilst in the past most commercial markets looked to support technologies on economics alone, there is a growing realisation that we need to support organisations supplying viable products and technology that improve the environmental balance. Eqwe is working with these like-minded organisations and people to establish models to take these technologies to market, making them attractive and viable to Governments, Educational facilities, and environmentally aware corporates.

These technologies have included cogeneration equipment to reduce the requirement for fossil fuels and anaerobic digesters that convert organic matter to greywater, reducing the requirement for landfill to water treatment and management systems. The implementation of these technologies is making a tangible difference… read more


Eqwe works with select IT partners and vendors to deliver IT, communication, RF, telematics, and software solutions to the Australian and New Zealand marketplace. Eqwe funding solutions enable these organisations to cater to and supply to a broad base of clientele.

These include:

  • Multi-million-dollar data storage as a service facility to the Federal Government
  • Complete software upgrades to major corporates, locking in licensing payments for the term of contracts
  • Funding the installation of telematics technology to bus fleets to reduce fuel usage and increase safety
  • Improving the communications and network capability of real estate organisations

Simply, our technology solutions help our partners streamline operations for their clients… read more

Eqwe People

At Eqwe, our team is experienced, pragmatic and commercially focused. Our combination of unique, yet complementary skills, has created a dynamic workplace where thinking outside the square results in solutions to grow our partners and their clients’ business.

By maintaining our entrepreneurial approach to everything we do, we continue to realise new business opportunities in Australia and overseas… read more

The Eqweverse

To make the world we live in a better place, we are committed to partnering with organisations that develop and implement technologies that contribute to global sustainability. We assist in driving viable technologies to market, helping to supply products that reduce the footprint of commerce and community.

We’re taking on the world… to be part of a better world… read more